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[FOLDER] Parent Directory 09-Feb-2006 12:53 - Agonizing Memories [DIR] cs1/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - OOP en C, client/server, listes chainees, portabilite, prog style, pointeurs [DIR] cs2/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - const, debug, asm in c, c++ with c, stack implementation, bsd socket, server design [DIR] cs3/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - typesafe dynamic callbacks in C++, queue pimping, portable program config files, curses [DIR] cs4/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - parallel port, crypto with XOR, java with c, unix pipes, pid, OOP intro [DIR] cs5/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - hash table implementation, opengl tutorial, mac programming, optimisation, io and socket [DIR] cs6/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - termios, protocol independence, 2d programming, optimisation [DIR] cs7/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - c/c++ coding style, recursion, callback in c++, objective-c [DIR] cs8/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - opengl texture mapping, objective c, x11, polymorphism [DIR] cs9/ 31-Jan-2000 07:00 - bit operations, Sorting Knuth, The big dummies guide to graphics programming

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